John M. NeuhartRotary District 5340 is proud to announce that John Neuhart has been named Assistant Governor for Area 10, which includes the Rotary Club of San Diego. The mid-term appointment of Neuhart as Assistant Governor becomes effective January 1, 2018. 
Within Rotary, the Assistant Governor acts has a vital link between the Club, District leadership, and other clubs in the region. Assistant Governors make themselves available to club leadership, offering support, ideas, and guidance throughout the year. The Assistant Governor also guides club officers in finding resources from Rotary International, as well as tips and best practices from other clubs across the District.
Neuhart's appointment is a departure from tradition. In previous years, the District Governor Elect became the automatic appointee to fill the role of Assistant Governor for the Rotary Club of San Diego. The appointment was limited to a one-year term, until the next District Governor Elect took over the role.
While the practice was designed to help bring club members closer to the next leader of the District, it sometimes had the opposite effect. "When you look at this tradition in practice, the District Governor Elect is really on the cusp of becoming the leader of this dynamic district," noted Scott Carr, District Governor. "Their hands are full planning events and putting together their leadership teams. As their commitments increase, it becomes more and more daunting for the District Governor Elect to devote the time and resources needed to successfully serve as Assistant Governor. So in reality, a tradition intended to bring together club members with the district's future leader often would result in the club members seeing less and less of their representative. We knew a change was needed."
Carr spearheaded an initiative to reconfigure the role of Assistant Governor for the Rotary Club of San Diego, but deemed it vital to have the position be filled by an existing member of the club itself. 

"Rotary Club of San Diego is one of the largest clubs in the country," added Carr. "As a large club, it is absolutely vital that we have in place an Assistant Governor who is not only a member of the club, but also is respected within the club and has the necessary experience. It is also important to have continuity, and to not have a revolving door of a new Assistant Governor every year. John Neuhart is an exceptional candidate for this role, and we are so incredibly pleased he accepted the offer to become Assistant Governor."

Neuhart first joined Rotary Club of San Diego in 2013. A native of Ohio, Neuhart is a graduate of The Ohio State University. A serial entrepreneur, Neuhart went on to serve as President of the Rotary Club of Cincinnati ("Club 17" for having been the 17th Rotary club founded) before relocating to San Diego. He is the founder of Synapses, a business consulting firm, and has served as Vice President of U.S. Bank. He also sits on the board of directors for STAR/PAL, and stays active in support of the San Diego community.
In addition to Neuhart's appointment to the role Assistant Governor, the term of service for the position has been extended to three years, to further align with other Assistant Governors. Neuhart's mid-term appointment will last through June, 2020.
Rotary District 5340 congratulates John Neuhart on this terrific achievement. To learn more about incoming Assistant Governor Neuhart, please visit: