Rotarians, here is a rare opportunity for your club and its members to have a significant and lasting impact on health outcomes in Equatorial Africa.
Uganda has 47 million people in a country the size of Oregon.  It has an extensive network of 3165 hospitals and clinics. 2930 of these are outpatient (some including maternity) facilities.  Our host country sponsor, the Naguru, Kampala Rotary Club, with NGO Bulamu Healthcare International, Uganda, have identified a great need for vital signs equipment in outpatient facilities in that country. 

Taking vital signs for each outpatient visit has been the standard of care in Western medicine for decades. However, because Uganda’s outpatient facilities lack basic equipment and supplies, only 1-2% regularly check breathing, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and the like. As a result, serious health conditions are going undiagnosed and not treated. (Bulamu’s research shows that when adults have their BP taken, 23% are diagnosed with serious health conditions (e.g., Hypertension).) With this equipment and training we can help identify health issues early, allowing healthcare providers to provide or refer patients to the medications or treatments they need.
The Rancho Santa Fe Rotary club (RSF) is spearheading the application for the Rotary Global Grant to provide vital signs equipment and training to approximately 100 outpatient facilities throughout Uganda in the next year. The standard vital signs kit of devices consists of stethoscopes, thermometers, BP monitors, glucometers & strips, oxygen saturation clips, weighing scales, and hand-washing stations. The standard kit with training cost about $710 each for a total budget request of $71,000.
We are almost halfway to our goal but need your help to fund this important program.  Please contact RSF Rotary Grants Chair Judy Rowles at to see how you can help.