On Tuesday, February 20, 2018, the El Cajon Rotary Club continued a 35+ year tradition of holding their Annual Past Presidents' Day.  Each president in attendance is recognized an given a minute or two to review their year or pass along a funny story or two, and, the stories can go on and on!  This year, there were 21 past presidents in attendance:  Lynn McDougal 1971-72; Vince Bacino 1975-76; Cal Bender 1984-85; Dave Waters 1989-90; Ross Provence 1992-93; Ed Maguire 1993-94; Allen C. Brown 1998-99; Jim Sheehan 2000-01; Bobbi Pearson 2001-02; James Davis 2002-03; Ginger Poutous 2006-07; Alison Cummings 2008-09; Max Wright Jr. 2009-10; Stuart Scott 2010-11; Lawrence McKim 2011-12; Roger Holtsclaw 2012-13; Tim McDougal 2013-14 (Lynn McDougal's son); Humbert Cabrera 2014-15; Erick Lundy 2015-16; Cheryl Minshew 2016-17; and this year's president, Charlie Cole who conducted the ceremonies. 
The Club enjoyed lunch, old friendships and some good old stories.