Photo of Financial Reports
Rotary international District 5340 has unveiled a new Financials section on the website, designed to serve as a single resource for individuals looking for financial detail on the organization.
Rotary International District 5340 (the “District”) is a not-for-profit unincorporated association formed in 1941, and is an administrative district of Rotary International.  As a 501(c)(4), the District regularly files state and federal income taxes, and serves the role of supporting over 60 clubs in San Diego, Imperial, and Riverside counties. In addition, to support staff, the District organizes events, such as District Conferences, membership mixers, Foundation Seminars, and more. It also serves as the steward for grant funding awarded by The Rotary Foundation, and distributes hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants each and every year.
"Transparency is absolutely critical in our operations as a District," said Scott Carr, District Governor for Rotary District 5340. "We absolutely need to maintain an 'open book' policy with our constituents that we serve, the women and men of Rotary in Southern California. Ensuring that our records are available for all to see ensures that our members, our partners, and our beneficiaries can trust us to not only promise, but then deliver on those promises." 
The new Financials section is available online under the "About" section, and be accessed at: