Daniel GenslerRotary District 5340's Nominating Committee is pleased to announce that Daniel Gensler from the Rotary Club of Coronado will officially serve as District Governor Designate (DGD), leading District 5340 during the Rotary year 2021-2022. Gensler was selected by District 5340's Nominating Committee to serve, pending any challenges from clubs across the District. No challenges were received, and the selection has become final.
"We had a terrific slate of candidates to choose from, and I'd like to extend a special thanks to all of the dedicated Rotary members who interviewed for this important role," said Immediate Past District Governor Scott Carr, who served as Chair of the Nominating Committee. "We are incredibly proud of Dan's accomplishments and for his continued commitment to Rotary. He is an incredibly warm, giving individual who has a tremendous amount of experience at both the club and district level. On behalf of the all of the Nominating Committee members, as well as District Governor Mel Gallegos, we congratulate Dan on his terrific achievement."
Gensler is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ who has owned his own financial planning and investment firm since 1995. He served as President of the Coronado Rotary in 2006-07. Since then, he has served many roles within the District, and currently serves on the Foundation Committee for Rotary District 5340.
In accordance with the provisions of Rotary International Bylaws Article 13, Rotary District 5340 created a Nominating Committee to review and interview candidates for the role of District Governor during Rotary Year 2021-2022. This year's Committee included several past, current, and future District Governors. and was chaired by Immediate Past District Governor Scott Carr.
Any challenges (per Rotary International Bylaws, Article 14.020.8) to the selection of District Governor were to be received by the Chair of the Nominating Committee by close of business on November 16, 2018. No challenges were received by the deadline, meaning that the selection of the Nominating Committee becomes official. 
On behalf of the clubs of Rotary District 5340, it is our pleasure to congratulate Daniel Gensler as our District Governor for 2021-2022.