Just a reminder that time is running out!  If your club wants to propose an enactment for the 2022 Council on Legislation, read the following.
The time has come for your club to make an impact on the entire Rotary world!
Every three years our legislative body, The Council on Legislation, meets to consider impactful changes to our constitutional documents: the RI Constitution, the RI Bylaws and the Standard Rotary Club Constitution.  While this event takes place in the spring of 2022, the time to propose enactments for that council is now!
Our District Representative to this Council is PDG Pam Russell.  Her primary job is to help clubs with writing enactments, presenting them to the district to be voted on and then presenting those approved by the district to the Council.
Our timetable for preparing enactments is below:
Clubs develop enactments                                      August through October
Club’s board* approves Enactments by                October 31, 2020
Proposed Enactments to COL Rep by                    November 15, 2020
COL Rep reviews and prepares ballot                    November 15-30, 2020
DG sends ballot out to clubs                                   December 1, 2020
Ballots due back to district                                      December 15, 2020
DG/COL Rep send enactments to RI                      December 30, 2020 (sooner if possible)
*with approval from the club members
PDG Pam is ready to assist your club.  Please reach out to her at pdgpam0809@gmail.com if you have any questions.