On Saturday April 24, 2021, a large group of hearty Coronado Rotarians gathered at the home of Rotarians Deb and Bob Syverson in Coronado Cays to clean up the beach behind their house. The event recognized "Rotarians At Work Day" which is a world-wide annual Rotary event founded by former Coronado Rotarian Bob Watson. 
In normal times, Rotary completes projects at several locations in Coronado and at San Pasqual Academy near Escondido, but this year a smaller venue was required due to COVID-19 constraints.  This beach clean up was attended by 21 hearty Coronado Rotarians. It was heralded as a huge success in terms of protecting the planet and providing a welcomed opportunity to have some fellowship and camaraderie which has been greatly missed during the Pandemic. 
Additionally, this event allowed Rotarians to celebrate Earth Day and to support the new Rotary International Area of Focus entitled PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT.  Coronado has created a new committee titled COMMITTEE TO PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT, which is Chaired by Zayanne Thompson and has 30 members. 
Rotary partners with other clubs in the area and Emerald Keepers in Coronado to support climate health and to protect the planet.  Prior to this committee emerging, the Coronado Club has conducted a monthly beach clean up on the second Saturday each month.  This project is another creation by Bob Watson.  
Additionally, Coronado Rotarians also performed trash cleanup in Tidelands Park.