This video is for your club to use on your website, social media channels, during meetings and/or discussions with community sponsors and partners to highlight just one of the events that our Rotary Clubs hold throughout the year. We hope it will not only create excitement around our Rotary organization, but also within our own Rotary Clubs to spark ideas, creativity and energy. 
The video can be found on YouTube and here is the link to access it:  
Ways to use the video:
  1. The video is available on the District 5340 YouTube channel. It can be imbedded within websites and social media from here. If you have any other needs, please feel free to contact me directly. (You can respond to this email.)
  2. You can share the video on your social media channels by using the YouTube link. Please encourage your membership to also share it within their social media (Facebook and LinkedIn) channels as we will get more visibility that way.
  3. Show it in your club! And let us know what you think. We would love to hear if this was valuable to you and if you have any suggestions for future videos or stories.
A few things to note when using this video.
  1. Please do not alter, edit or otherwise change the video.
  2. Please do not pull parts of the video out and show them separately. If you wanted to start in the middle for a particular reason, you may do that, but the video needs to stay intact as a whole video. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your Assistant Governors or District 5340 Leadership team.