The Rotary District 5340's Don't Wait Vaccinate Committee asks, "Are you and your family fully immunized?"  Protect yourself, your family, your friends, your neighbors.
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that there have been 940 cases of the measles in the U.S. as of May 24, 2019.  Twenty-six states have had measles outbreaks, up from 20 states in April.  In 2000, there were 86 cases, and measles were declared eliminated from the U.S.  The CDC warns that the U.S. risks its measles elimination status if the outbreak, which began in October 2018 in New York, continues until October 2019.  Worldwide the World Health Organization  (WHO) reports that preliminary global data shows cases of measles are up 300% from 2018 to 2019.
The return of measles to the U.S. emphasizes the need for an immunization rate of 93% - 95% for our population of adults and children. The rate creates "herd immunity" so that those who are able to be vaccinated protect those who are immune compromised or too young to receive the vaccination. 
Measles is highly contagious, the WHO reported that in 2017, there were 110,000 measles deaths globally, mostly among children under the age of five.   Source:
Please see the links below that will show you what vaccinations are needed at all ages, plus a link for recommended travel preparation.