Thanks to the generosity of Mark Bitterlan who manages a grove of oranges in Rancho Santa Fe, several Rotary clubs county-wide were able to harvest oranges for distribution to non-profits of their choice.  Sparked by a UT article featuring the La Mesa Sunrise Rotary Club and their efforts in picking local fruits, Mr. Bitterlan offered his grove of 100 trees for the picking.  Too large a venture for just one club, the La Mesa Sunrise Rotary Club connected with the Rancho Santa Fe Club for help.  As a result, a schedule was developed and Rotary clubs throughout District 5340 were invited to participate.
This past weekend, the La Mesa Sunrise Rotary Club picked nearly 3,300 pounds of oranges at the grove on Sunday, May 24.  They are donating part of their harvest to Producegood, a 501 c(3).  Members of the Santee-Lakeside Rotary Club joined them and oranges they pick are being donated to the Santee Food Bank.  
The Rancho Santa Fe Rotary Club and the Encinitas Coastal Rotary Club picked oranges on Saturday, May 23.  Their harvest was taken to local food pantries.  Point Loma Rotary Club also picked close to 2,000 oranges for donation to four different non-profits on the Peninsula.