Each and every club should have at least three members that are Youth Certified. Every activity that involves minors or other youth should be equipped with volunteers that have gone through the Youth Certification process, and successfully earned their YC badge.
Youth Certification Instructions
You must complete all 3 Steps below to become Youth Certified. You may complete the steps in any order, but your Youth Certification date, for all purposes, will be the same date as your background check pass date.
Step 1 – Complete the Application
Download the District 5340 Youth Program Volunteer Application and complete it on your computer. Print the completed Application, sign it, scan it to a PDF file, and email it to YPO@Rotary5340.org, or mail it to District 5340 Office, P.O. Box 420786, San Diego, CA 92124.
Step 2 – Authorize Your Background Check
Click on the IntelliCorp background check link, and enter the following password: rotary5340. Follow the online instructions to authorize your background check and to make secure payment. Please select the “return results to me” option when entering your background information, as that will let you review your results. The district only receives an automatic pass or no pass notification regarding the background check. See below for additional IntelliCorp information.
Step 3 – Take the Online Training
You must complete Part 1 and Part 2 (see below) of the online training program that was created specifically for Rotarians in District 5340. The training is free and can be reviewed at any time.
Part 1 is a training video that can be accessed via YouTube.
Part 2 is an interactive test. You can click HERE to access the interactive test. You must retake the test until you receive a passing score of at least 16 correct answers. Your passing score is automatically reported to the District Youth Protection Officer.
How to Determine if You Are Properly Youth Certified for the Program You Will Participate In
You must renew your Youth Certification by the District in accordance with the following provisions.
  • If you will take part in any youth program or activity except Youth Exchange (e.g., RYLA, LEAD, Model UN, Camp Enterprise, Interact, Rotaract, 4-Way Test Speech Contest, school reading or other enrichment programs, etc.), then you must be Youth Certified and your background check must have been completed within the 24 month period immediately preceding each day of participation in the youth program or activity.
  • If you will take part in Youth Exchange, then you must be Youth Certified and your background check must have been completed within the 12 month period immediately preceding each day of participation in Youth Exchange.
  • You can see if you are Youth Certified and when the last background check was completed by doing the following: Go to the District website and click on “Member Login” (upper right corner); enter your “Login Name” and “Password” (if you don’t know them, follow the instructions for “Forgot login name?” and/or “Forgot password?”); click “Login”; click “Member Area” (upper right corner); in the blue menu bar select “Documents”; in the grey menu bar select “Documents”; select the “Youth Certification” folder; and select the “Youth Certification Spreadsheet” to see your status.
Additional IntelliCorp Information
District 5340 has a special background check portal with IntelliCorp, a trusted third-party verification service that works with Rotary clubs and districts across North America.
The basic cost of the service is $13.60 plus any applicable county fees. The fees are imposed by individual court systems for performing the background check and may be significant. If you have any fee questions, please contact the individual court systems where you have lived.
The service includes the following checks:
  • Social Security Number (SSN) Verification
  • Validated Multi-State Criminal Super Search Database
  • Validated Nationwide Sex Offender Registry
  • Validated Department of Corrections
  • Government Sanctions – Terrorist Search
  • Single County Criminal Search
IntelliCorp does NOT pull credit reports, and has in place strict protocols that adhere to the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
If you have questions about the YC process, please contact Charles "Doug" Clements (Rotary Club of Valley Center), the District Youth Protection Officer, at ypo@rotary5340.org .