District Grants

District Grants are projects that are carried out by one sponsor club and tend to be smaller in size. While Global Grants are international in nature, District Grants may be either local or international, that is to say, they may be done in the sponsor club’s community, in another district, or in another country. In District 5340, club money is matched up to $4000 with DDF, but is not matched further by TRF. As with Global Grants, clubs may partner to create larger projects.
District Grants DDF Bank Deposit Form

To view lists of past, current, and potential projects, visit http://www.matchinggrants.org/district
This quiz is to be used as a make-up for those Rotarians who were not able to attend the District Grants Management session at the District Training Assembly. They should should review the District 5340's District Grants Training PDF before starting this quiz. Passing score is 16 answers or higher. To get credit for taking this quiz, please be sure to fill out the required information below. Your score will automatically be sent to the District Rotary Foundation Committee. You may retake the test to get a higher score. Click here to take the quiz.