Event Summary

You've hosted a successful fundraiser. When the dust has settled, and the volunteers have gone home, it's only natural to want to take some time off. After all, you deserve it!

However, one of the most important tasks of the entire fundraising process still needs to be done: a comprehensive event summary.

An event summary, prepared as quickly as possible after the fundraiser is complete, helps to ensure that all of the partners that you involved in this event -- from vendors and sponsors, to volunteers and Club members -- know exactly how successful the event was. It also helps event organizers see what worked (and what didn't), and effectively lays the foundation for the next event. You can include different information, such as:

  • Number of attendees
  • Number of sponsors
  • Amount raised from ticket sales
  • Raffle ticket sales
  • Sponsor proceeds
  • Auction proceeds
  • Number of tickets comped (for media, VIPs, etc.)
  • Accounting statements

The Encinitas Rotary created Profit & Loss statements for their annual Wine & Food Festival, which can be shared with members, partners, beneficiaries, and community partners. Transparency is absolutely vital if you intend to build upon your success, and host another fundraiser in the future.

To download a sample of Encinitas Rotary's P&L, please click here.