Posted by Mel Gallegos
Rotarians!  Your helping hands are urgently needed.
Minnesota Rotarian, Amanda Ottman reached out to our district this week.  Amanda was a Rotary Peace Fellow and now works for the Amerian Refugee Committee.  Her work has brought her to San Diego this week to assess needs in relation to the current migration movement.
Amanda has connected with the local Rapid Response Network, an organization serving people who were detained by US Immigration during the past months that are now being released into the US for asylum processing.  They are being dropped off at different locations with no assistance, and Rapid Response Network is mobilizing to help with temporary shelters.  An average of 75 people have been arriving to the shelters each night, and people stay between 24-48 hours.
Rapid Response Network has to move to a new shelter location by Friday and needs help.  Starting at 6:00 am Thursday and continuing throughout the day helping hands are needed to help pack up the old site (Kearny Mesa) and also set up the new site in Chula Vista.
If you can help, please contact Amanda right away at 612-214-3389.  Safety and security is a top concern, and location will be given if you volunteer to help.  Please note that you will not be allowed to share the location or post anything regarding this volunteer work on social media.